Advantage: containers

Run anywhere, sandboxed security, and scale seamlessly.

Elasticsearch Compatible

Connect to your existing Elasticsearch cluster, compatible with v2 and v5.

Visualization Addons

Visualize your data flow in realtime, build queries interactively, and more.

Ingesting fast data

Ingest high velocity data from sensors, social media firehoses or another data store. Read more in our 1M writes per sec report.

Built for a microservices era

Operate in realtime on an incoming data stream, or export it continuously to your favorite BI tool, Hadoop and Spark clusters.

Helps you focus on your core competencies

For Developers

  • Prop Image Build full-text search, aggregations and realtime computations.
  • Prop Image Managed ops means faster development cycles.
  • Prop Image Flexible architecture for each project.

For Operations

  • Prop Image Self contained: stronger data guarantees mean no external backups or primary stores.
  • Prop Image Optimized for performance and higher machine utilization.
  • Prop Image Dashboard for scaling, query profiling and crash monitoring reports.

What's in enterprise

Part 1

Commercial support

  • Prop Image 24/7 x 365 ticket and phone support from engineers.
  • Prop Image Guidance for Elasticsearch and ELK deployments, and system architecture.
  • Prop Image Hourly billed support for custom integrations with from our solution engineers.

Welcome to the brave new container world