Query Rules

Create query based rules to provide a smarter search experience.

If Query, then Action

Curate user queries by performing one or more additional actions.

Promote Results

Modify search ranking and promote specific results.

Create Alerts

Hide Results


Using API

See an example query rule created with the API. Or go to docs and read more.

curl -XPOST "https://accapi.appbase.io/app/tweets/rule" 
--header "Content-Type: application/json" --data '{
  "if": {
    "query": "macbook",
    "operator": "contains"
  "then": {
    "hide": [
      { "doc_id": "5" }
    "promote": [{
      "brand": "Google",
      "product": "Chromebook"

Using Query Rules UI

Access the Query Rules builder from the dashboard to start building your first rules today.