Search Preview

Visually build and test search UIs with zero lines of code.


Build and test search visually

Set fields to apply search on, decide weights, and test from GUI.
Control autosuggest behavior, typo tolerance, and highlighting easily.
Visually see and export the generated code.
Build and test search visuallyBuild and test search visually

Create faceted search

Add additional facets to create a powerful search experience.
Control the look and feel visually.
Apply facets on Text, Number, Dates.

Customize rankings and display options

Easily customize how the results are sorted.
Customize the look of the result list.
Display only relevant data.

Observe code changes

Every UI action updates the resulting search code.
The code can be used directly either for each individual components, or as a whole for the search UI view.

Share demos with your team

Each demo can be visually viewed at a unique URL with Code Sandbox.
Exporting allows rapid prototyping of search interfaces in minutes.

Save search profiles

Building search for multiple UI views? Save each UI as a unique profile.
Iterate and perfect search data based on analytics feedback.