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Create delightful experiences and ship 10x faster. Available with your favorite JS stack.

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The perfect match

Build delightful search experiences in record time with ReactiveSearch - the industry-leading web and mobile UI kit.


Launch and iterate faster

30+ well-designed and performance optimized UI components. Ship faster and solve fewer edge cases.

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Works with existing UIs

Already have your own components? Bring them to ReactiveSearch.

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Configurable styles

Styled components with rich theming and css class-injection support.

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Elasticsearch compatible

Connect to an ES index hosted anywhere. Supports v5, v6 and v7.

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Customizable queries

Components come with good query defaults, that can be customized with Elasticsearch query DSL.

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Easy to secure

Secure your search with's fine-grained access controls.

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Querying and creating search UIs

ReactiveSearch provides plug and play UI components with a declarative API to query and display search results.

Querying Data
React Native
        <DataSearch />
        <MultiList />
        <ReactiveList renderItem={hit=>(//Your JSX)} />

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Libraries built to unleash the full potential of Appbaseā€™s search infrastructure.