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Data Browser IconData Browser

A modern web UI for and Elasticsearch. It allows importing JSON and CSV files via a GUI as well as perform common CRUD operations on the data.

Data Browser
Query Builder

Query Builder IconQuery Builder

A GUI for composing and Elasticsearch queries intuitively.

Reactive SearchReactive Search

An Elasticsearch components library for building search UIs.

20+ pre-built React UI components with configurable styles and queries.
Bring your own UI components.
Used in production for B2B, e-commerce, and SaaS search.

Data BrowserReactive Maps

An Elasticsearch components library for building geolocation apps.

Works with ReactiveSearch components, and adds geospatial components for Maps.
Bring your own UI components.
Built on top of Google Maps. It can be extended to build routes, places and location streaming apps.

React NativeReactive Search Native

Elasticsearch UI components for React Native targeting Android and iOS apps.

Over 10 pre-built UI components that maintain design parity with web components.
Bring your own UI components.
Currently in preview. Hit us at Gitter or Github for issues.

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Data Browser

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