Build Reactive Apps with Data Streams

An API to consume, query and subscribe to historical and streaming data.

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How it works

An app subscribes to database queries on As new data arrives, Appbase streams JSON updates back to the app or to a subscribed URL. It scales to thousands of apps subscribing to hundreds of queries.
Elasticsearch Compatible
Appbase comes baked in with complete ElasticSearch DSL and plays well with its ecosytem. Write geo queries, full-text search, range queries or advanced aggregations.
Think Subscribe GET
All queries support streaming (aka continuous results). Think, subscribing to a query for realtime updates.
Read about our top 10 uses of data streams.
Secure and Reliable
All APIs are authenticated over HTTPS and support multiple keys with read / write access. We also maintain a durable journal of writes to prevent data loss in cases of application, node and service failures.

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API Calls

Great customer support from @appbaseio, which we use for in-app search. — Charlie Wood, Numerous
Appbase is fast, like Usian Bolt. — Patrick Hogan, Callinize

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