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An API to consume, query and subscribe to historical and streaming data.

 Apr 12    Introducing Reactive Search: A UI components library for building amazing search experiences

How it works

An app subscribes to database queries on As new data arrives, Appbase streams JSON updates back to the app. It scales to thousands of devices subscribing to hundreds of queries.
Elasticsearch Compatible
Run geo queries, full-text search, range filters or advanced aggregations.
GET Stream Updates
All queries support streaming (aka continuous results).
Read about our top 10 uses of data streams.
Secure and Reliable
All APIs are authenticated with Basic Auth over HTTPS and support multiple keys with read / write access.

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Standalone web UI for viewing and editing data of an app.
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Transform REST API endpoints to streaming APIs.
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A live feed of meetup RSVPs searchable by city and tags. Find what meetups people in your city are attending.
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A scalable newsfeed where you can follow other users and search through their tweets.
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Google like slick search for your wordpress blog and site. can be used beyond realtime needs as a Search Service.
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Visualize realtime Foursquare Check-ins on a map.
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